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Brant has rehabbed so many of his own investment properties I lost track in the interview. He also owns (can you guess?) a rehab business! Rent Ready Contractors who, by the way, has a perfect positive record in the Lifestyles Unlimited feedback program with 35 raving clients reporting how great they are, an no negative comments at all.

We talked about rehabbing, of course, and also some additional helpful information. Like a good rule of thumb for knowing how much a rehab is going to cost. And how to get the best contractors and a fair price. Brant has a lot of experience with alternative financing and shared his experience with me.

This interview with Brant was fun. You can tell he enjoys what he does and his entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring, and infectious.

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Darel owns 8 investment properties and is also the owner of Noble Mortgage & Investments. He helps investors get private financing and hard money and is an expert on the subject.

We had a great discussion about how to get money to buy your investment properties.

Make sure you listen into the interview where Darel explains that financing is just starting to loosen up a bit.
Robe de Cocktai
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Quincy knows private lending. In depth. In this interview he explains how to get fully financed from private lenders even if you don’t have a lot of money.

I talked to Quincy about how to make private loans, how to get them, and several ways to find properties that are less common but highly effective and profitable.

We also talked about self-directed retirement accounts to buy investments which he helps people do through his Texas company Entrust Retirement Services.

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Before talking to Chris all I knew was that he just closed on a 70 unit multi-family property. I had no idea where this interview was going to go and was so pleased when it led to Chris explaining in detail how to get started when you don’t have enough money to start buying houses.

Turns out Chris got started four years ago by doing wholesale deals because he had no money to invest in real estate. When he realized how great the wholesale deals were he decided to keep the best and turn the rest. He now owns 12 single family properties, a 4 plex, a 6 plex, and of course the 70 unit multi-family.

Chris explains how to start and run your own wholesale business and turn that into investing you can retire on. Chris is only 30 years old and accomplished all this in only four years.

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Successful Real Estate Investor Matthew Martinez

This interview with Matt rocks. He’s a real estate investor super-star and took the time to share profound insights into how we can make money in the new economy.

Matt advises private equity groups who have raised more than $1 billion to buy distressed multi-family assets. He has bought and sold numerous properties since the 1990’s. And he has authored 3 bestselling books on real estate investing.

In this interview you will hear Matt explain what has changed in real estate investing, the economy, and financing, and how to embrace the changes so you’ll be successful.

After you listen to this interview visit Matthew’s web site to learn more.

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Successful Real Estate Investor Karen Davis

Karen’s story is inspiring. She waitressed for 11 years then decided to become a real estate investor. Not knowing where to start she joined a mentoring and education group, Lifestyles Unlimited.

Three years later she has 8 houses, makes $1,600/mo passive income from her properties, and now mentors others who are just starting out.

She sees herself in a few years owning apartment buildings. I believe she will, too. In this interview Karen explains how she got started, how she finds and finances her properties, and how she gets good tenants.

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Joel Janis: 35 Years Successful Investing

In 1975 when his small dental practice was being taxed to death, Joel and his wife Vivian started investing in real estate to reduce their tax liability. Twelve years ago they retired comfortably living on the income from their investments.

They have invested primarily in single-family residential properties, and over the last 10 years have also included some commercial properties.

Listen as Joel explains the principles he follows in real estate investing and gives sound advice based on his extensive experience.

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Successful Real Estate Investor Bryan Batson

If you don’t have any money and wonder if you can become financially independent through real estate investing, listen to Bryan’s story. You will be inspired.

When Bryan first decided to be financially independent he was actually depressed and didn’t believe he could do it. He had a job and income but no money. Learn how Bryan got control of his financial situation then bought his first property and how empowering that was.

In only three years Bryan now has 5 properties and $2,700/mo passive income which has freed him up to pursue his entrepreneur interests.

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Jeff Smith: Two Years and Quit Restaurant Job

Successful Real Estate Investor Jeff Smith

Two years after beginning his investing Jeff retired from his restaurant job. After avoiding his successful investor father-in-law the tables turned and Jeff pursued him to find out how to do it.

You’ll hear how Jeff has managed 120 properties at one time, owned 60 houses over the last 10 years, and averages $300/mo income on each property.

Jeff has developed simple systems and trained teenagers to lease and manage his properties using those systems. He describes them so you can learn what they are.

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