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Lynn Andris

This is a tremendous interview with veteran investor Lynn Andris!

Learn how she passed on a property then got ‘showed-up’ by her 19 year old son. He saw the value, purchased it, and made $42,000 capital gains and gets $650/mo cash flow. Lynn explains what she missed that her son didn’t.

On a property Lynn purchased she did a $60,000 rehab for only $30,000 and explains how.

The last half of the interview Lynn explains how she methodically, effectively, and successfully rents her houses out to excellent tenants. Her leases are signed before the rehab work is complete.

You need to know her #1 trick to successfully leasing properties, it’ll blow you away how simple and effective it is.

Enjoy the interview and add some comments!

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Jim is a successful investor in Virginia where he’s purchased close to 300 properties in the last few years. He wholesales, flips, and rents.

If you are having a difficult time getting funding, listen to this interview! Jim explains how to get private money — he never uses banks and doesn’t use his own money.

Jim also shares his outlook of the real estate investing market for the next couple of years. If you are committed to success in real estate investing you need to hear his perspective.

I read Jim’s book Investing Now which is practical and actionable. He also has some great blog posts on his web site Investing Now Network.

Enjoy the interview and add some comments!

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Rudy Ringel is a long time real estate investor in the Dallas area. We had a great conversation about:

– using your 401k for real estate investing
– the rent price that creates the greatest demand
– how to keep repair costs down
– the tax benefits of real estate investing
– what to look for in inspections

In addition to being an investor, Rudy is also in inspector for residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. Check out his web site DFWinspector.com.

For fun and out of curiosity I asked Rudy, “What is the worst property you have ever inspected?” His answer will surprise you!

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Michael Zuber Successful Real Estate Investor

Michael has purchased 20 investment houses in California over the last couple years. That’s right. California where everyone thinks real estate investing can’t work. He also owns 100 units in apartment complexes.

I learned, and you will too, the importance of creating a model that matches the market. Take what the market gives you and use the opportunities it presents.

Listen as Michael explains his model and how he succeeds in what many think is an impossible market. You can apply these ideas to where you live too. He logs his investing progress on his web site WealthBuildingPro.

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David Fisher Successful Real Estate Investor

Four years ago David closed all his businesses and moved to San Antonio with his family to support his wife’s dream of serving our country. She became a captain in the Air Force. Now she works with wounded veterans at the Veteran’s Administration.

So David is a stay-at-home dad for the last 4 years. When he realized they would be in San Antonio for a while he started looking around for something he could do and still let his wife fulfill her dream. Two years ago he started investing in real estate.

He has the freedom to come and go as he pleases and he takes his children to the properties and educates them on what he’s doing.Robe de Soirée

He owns 40 doors. Both multi-family and single-family. When I talked to him he was in the process of buying 4 more doors without using any of his own money — infinite returns.

As you listen to this interview you’ll notice how David’s success is correlated to freely helping other people and the relationships he forms.

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Jerry Plake Successful Real Estate Investor

10 years ago Jerry looked at his good IT job. Then his 401k. After 15 years it wasn’t much and projecting out another 15 he realized it would fail him.

So he smartly chose to invest in real estate. Now after 10 years he’s got $9,000 income and $800,000 equity.

For fun and to help other investors he started Start2Finish which rehabs investment properties in the Dallas area.

In this interview Jerry tells how he gets financing (hint: local banks) and get great deals (another hint: partner and cash purchases).

Isn’t this great what Jerry said in the interview…

“Put the pen in your hand and sign, sign that document. You may be shaking when you sign it. Do it and you’ll see it work.”

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A couple years ago Blake felt he was failing his family because his lending business started losing money with the credit crunch.

His response? Invest in real estate. He hustled big-time and bought 41 properties in 2 years and has over $100,000 per year cash flow (profit) from those investments. What’s cool is the side effect of all this activity — he’s built a million dollars equity in the process.

Learn in this interview how he found and financed these deals, and how he is helping his clients at his lending company Capital Concepts do the same thing.

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Several years ago Robert did a few flips to get some capital to start investing. Then over a two year period he purchased 75 properties. 10 on his own and 65 in small partnerships. Partnering enabled him to get much more done, but early on he learned the hard way what makes a successful partnership.

In this interview Robert shares what he learned about partnering, growing wealth quickly, and how he now has $11,000/mo income and over $1.1 million equity after just a few years. Robert got bored with all this success so now he mentors other people for fulfillment and to keep things interesting.

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Curtis Warden: Don’t Let Any Obstacle Stop You

Four years ago Curtis was so broke he couldn’t pay a $500 membership fee to join a mentoring group to help him invest in real estate.

Did that stop him? No. He went out and started talking to people about his dream of being a successful real estate investor.

Building those relationships led to partnerships where Curtis learned and made some money then leveraged that knowledge and money into more. He now has 67 properties.

In this interview you’ll learn how to overcome obstacles, how to get started from nothing, and how to form and manage small partnerships.

Share a comment and let us know what you think of the interview.

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WARNING — this is a power interview! Laith covers a lot of topics with me like:

– using real estate as a tax shelter
– how to evict tenants
– how to screen tenants so you don’t have to evict them
– how to avoid losing money from a bad tenant (and make some too!)
– acquisitions of small apartments
– financing options that are non-traditional
– what professional help do you need as an investor

Laith has been investing since 1996 and owns about 100 multi-family units and many single family properties.

He is also an expert in financing in both residential and commercial properties and is the owner of Texas Loan Star where they are their own mortgage bank, there is no 3rd party involved.

Share a comment and let us know what you think of the interview!

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